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Barrie Arts Committee

A brand for the artists

The Barrie Arts Committee is a not for profit organization run by local volunteers. Their mission is to serve artists by connecting them with business opportunities, hosting events to strengthen the arts community, as well as advocate for fair and equal treatment to all forms of art. The importance of the BAC’s brand is to be widely inclusive to all forms of art while projecting a neutral tone as to not take away from the artists being displayed. The logo itself symbolizes the heart, body, and mind represented by the 3 circular shapes in the “BAC” acronym. The encapsulating box represents the individual art form itself and how the use of those 3 elements make the art form whole. During my time freelancing for the BAC I have had the opportunity of creating a translatable brand message from items such as event brand design and coordination, social media management, website development, and much more.


Anthony Mika