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Beard Saber™

Conquering Beard Care

Always Bearded Lifestyle™ is a men’s healthcare brand that specializes in beard grooming products. Their product the Beard Saber™, is a 3-in-1 wireless beard straightener that allows individuals with long facial hair to straighten and comb straggly hairs to achieve a clean well-groomed look. When launching the product we worked together on logo design, package design, and product photography to bring a unique offering to their target market that fits within Always Bearded™ global brand recognition. Taking the theme of brute medieval strength along with modern Always Bearded™ flair we smithed together a bilingual package design that even the eye of Sauron would notice with its meticulously placed spot gloss features. The final deliverables on this project include photo retouching, 3D rendering, video editing, print-ready package design, and logo creation.


Anthony Mika