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Duke Pubs Futbol 2018 Campaign

No extra time needed

Imago Restaurants is a corporate client that owns multiple restaurant chains with Duke Pubs being one of them. There are 7 Duke Pubs restaurants in Toronto where they create a comforting British atmosphere with classic pub fare as well as a plethora of specialty drinks. During the years I have had the pleasure of creating conceptual campaigns for Duke Pubs for various holidays and special events. The Futbol campaign was designed in correlation to the 2018 Fifa World Cup. What makes this project unique is the goals that needed to be achieved. First of all, it needed to be soccer-based but could not mention anything about the World Cup due to licensing. Secondly, the main draw into the pub was to highlight the foosball tournament that was taking place as the games were broadcast. Lastly, the campaign was also to entice visitors to purchase the game day special of a burger and a pint of Moosehead while staying consistent with the look and feel of the other pieces of campaign creative. The 3 part campaign needed to be versatile for both digital and print applications with designs specific to all 7 locations with over 36 different asset size variations. The campaign was seen from storefront signage, hostess stands, menu covers, social media outlets, and much more. Working with the Duke has always required fun creative solutions that range from creative copywriting to photo manipulation and retouching.


Imago Restaurants


Anthony Mika


Tyger Shark

Creative Director

Adam Johns