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Quest Art School + Gallery

Moving forward

The Quest Art School + Gallery is an internationally renowned art gallery located in North Simcoe. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the gallery had to close its doors and shift its business model to keep thriving during trying times. The gallery decided to move their focus from their existing older clientele and hone in on their younger developing market. The focus on a younger demographic would coincide with incubator and mentorship program initiatives that had been in the works well before the pandemic occurred. The purpose of these initiatives is so that Quest can become a stepping stone to help young artists learn alongside industry professionals during their early careers. With these defined targets the goal was to create a noticeable digital presence that would connect with a 15 to 35 year-old market.


We worked together to move the art gallery online with a complete e-commerce platform so that artists did not miss an opportunity to sell their work under lockdown restrictions. Next, we made sure the logo and tone were energetic and modern by incorporating a vivid colour palette with updated typography. All of which came together with a strong brand message incorporated into the final logo solution. A quest is a path of direction, and Quest Art is an outlet that opens up a path with direction towards a creative life. This brand statement is achieved by incorporating a directional chevron in the initial “Q” of the logo. With a clearly defined message and design elements to match the Quest brand continues to move forward with the use of directional chevrons as a key brand identifier. Along with the new identity, the organization asked that the logo also be scalable to work for corporate scenarios. The great thing about the new identity is that it can be stripped down of some of its elements allowing it to still be recognized with the overarching brand while projecting professionalism. Quest Art School + Gallery is set to create community-driven pathways for up and coming artists with a brand suitable for social media, their online gallery, or street-side media.


Anthony Mika